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There are 27 games for Pennsylvania basketball today. $A2CE2?D 56762E65 ! Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest. Raudenbush's love of nature and the outdoors, along . New team, same Kevin Durant. Jacob Lewis . There are a lot more schools who can now be in the playoff mix.. The game and, along with it, a berth in the District 11 Class 4A championship game, was on the line. Barron believes the new system will be a more fair assessment of the leagues top teams. Schuylkill League c/o Stephen Toth, League President Tamaqua Area School District 138 West Broad Street Tamaqua, PA 18252 Telephone: 570-668-2570 Fax: 570-668-6850 Jan. 19ORWIGSBURG North Schuylkill didn't clinch the Schuylkill League Division I title Thursday night. The Tigers (25-1) will play second-seeded North Schuylkill (22-2) in the semifinals at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at Martz Hall in Pottsville. x CF? We played against Schuylkill Haven in a semifinal game and won a high-scoring game, remembered Barron. The schools left in the Schuylkill League may be able to hold their basketball playoffs at Martz Hall maybe not. PIAA District XI | All Rights Reserved. The last time an area boys game had that many three-pointers was March 10, 2021 when Weatherly and Notre Dame-ES also combined for 22. The varsity tournament will be held Friday and Saturday at Lehighton Area High School and Elementary School. The Coal Cracker Girls Tournament will be held at Jim Thorpe Area High School on Saturday. There was an error processing your request. @EEDG:==6 eb\ch :? | 3A Berks Game Day features coverage of local football, baseball, and basketball leagues Under the new arrangement, two extra teams have been added in both the boys and girls field. DISTRICT XI BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS presented by ST. LUKE' UNIVERSITY HEALTH NETWORK. This season, a number of area boys and girls are currently in playoff contention as the league has expanded its playoffs from four teams to six teams. on your website. ]]] s62? After Haven forges a 47-43 lead, Lincoln scores six straight off sloppy turnovers to regain the lead . As a player, it was a surreal feeling that I will never forget. On the other side of the quarterfinals . Start a dialogue, stay on topic and be civil. The annual Schuylkill League wrestling tournament will take place this Saturday at Pottsvilles Martz Hall. Awards will be given to the top eight wrestlers in each weight class. 2022-20236A -Easton5A -4A -3A - Pen Argyl2A -1A -Nativity2021-20226A - Parkland5A - Bethlehem Catholic4A - Jim Thorpe3A - Palmerton2A - Minersville1A - Marian2020-20216A - Nazareth5A - Bethlehem Catholic4A -Allentown Central Catholic3A - Notre Dame GP2A - Mahanoy Area1A - Nativity2019-20206A - Nazareth5A - Blue Mt4A - Bethlehem Catholic3A - North Schuylkill2A - Mahanoy Area1A - Nativity2018-20196A - Northampton5A - Southern Lehigh4A - Bethlehem Catholic3A - Notre Dame GP2A - Mahanoy Area1A - Weatherly2017-20186A - Freedom5A - Southern Lehigh4A - Bethlehem Catholic3A - North Schuylkill2A - Mahanoy Area1A - Weatherly2016-20176A - Easton5A - Southern Lehigh4A - Bethlehem Catholic3A - Pine Grove2A - Minersville1A - Nativity2015-2016AAAA - NazarethAAA - Southern LehighAA - MinersvilleA - Mahanoy Area2014-2015 AAAA - Nazareth AAA - Bethlehem Catholic AA - Minersville A - Shenandoah Area 2013-2014 AAAA - Parkland AAA Bethlehem Catholic AA - Minersville A - Marian 2012-2013 AAAA - Nazareth AAA Bethlehem Catholic AA Notre Dame GP A Tri Valley 2011-2012 AAAA - Bangor AAA Allentown Central Catholic AA Pine Grove A Tri Valley 2010-2011 AAAA - Northampton AAA - Tamaqua AA Pine Grove A Tri Valley 2009-2010 AAAA - Northampton AAA Allentown Central Catholic AA - Tamaqua A Tri Valley2008-2009 AAAA LibertyAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA TamaquaA Nativity2007-2008 AAAA AllenAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA Pine GroveA Marian2006-2007 AAAA ParklandAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA North SchuylkillA Nativity2005-2006 AAAA FreedomAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA NorthwesternA Nativity2004-2005 AAAA ParklandAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA North SchuylkillA Marian2003-2004 AAAA EmmausAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA North SchuylkillA Cardinal Brennan2002-2003 AAAA Pleasant ValleyAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA Pine GroveA Cardinal Brennan2001-2002 AAAA EmmausAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA Pine GroveA Nativity2000-2001 AAAA EmmausAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA Pine GroveA Nativity1999-2000 AAAA LibertyAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA Pine GroveA Nativity1998-1999AAAA EastonAAA Blue MtAA Panther Valley A Nativity1997-1998AAAA EmmausAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA Pine GroveA Mahanoy Area1996-1997AAAA NorthamptonAAA North SchuylkillAA PalmertonA Nativity1995-1996AAAA Allentown Central CatholicAAA North SchuylkillAA Pine GroveA Mahanoy Area1994-1995AAAA NorthamptonAAA Bethlehem CatholicAA Notre Dame GPA Mahanoy Area1993-1994AAAA Allentown Central CatholicAAA Bethlehem CatholicAA Pine GroveA Notre Dame1992-1993AAAA Allentown Central Catholic AAA Bethlehem Catholic AA Pine GroveA Notre Dame1991-1992AAAA Allentown Central Catholic AAA Bethlehem Catholic AA Pine GroveA Notre Dame1990-1991AAAA PottsvilleAAA Allentown Central CatholicAA Mahanoy AreaA Nativity1989-1990AAAA Allentown Central Catholic AAA North SchuylkillAA Mahanoy AreaA Minersville1988-1989AAAA Allentown Central Catholic AAA Pine GroveAA MinersvilleA Mahanoy Area1987-1988AAAA WhitehallAAA North SchuylkillAA CatasauquaA Mahanoy Area1986-1987AAAA FreedomAAA Allentown Central CatholicAA Pine GroveA Notre Dame1985-1986AAAA WhitehallAAA North SchuylkillAA MarianA Weatherly. 2023 12:09PM. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph. 2012-13 Colonial League Boys Basketball All-League Team Home :: Sports :: Schools :: League :: Advertising The Colonial League of Interscholastic Sports, Inc. is a proud member of Fritz, a 1993 Tamaqua High School graduate, views playing at Martz Hall as the ultimate reward. For basketball lifers in Schuylkill County - and points east and west - it's easy to see why Martz Hall is referred to as the "Mecca," and the ideal venue for the league playoffs. ( "We have to look out for the best interests of our student-athletes," is how one athletic director put it to me. There was an error processing your request. On January 17, 2019, the Colonial League and Schuylkill League created a cooperative schedule in the sport of football. Like the Schuylkill League, the 13-school Colonial League has a large range of enrollment figures. A year ago, Tamaqua had two champions, with Michael Steigerwalt capturing the 145-pound title and Cole Eberts winning the 172-pound championship. 2022-20236A -5A -4A -Allentown Central Catholic3A -2A -Mahanoy Area1A -2021-20226A -Parkland5A - Pottsville4A - Bethlehem Catholic3A -Executive Education Academy2A - Shenandoah1A - Nativity2020-20216A - William Allen5A - Bangor4A - Allentown Central Catholic3A -Executive Education Academy2A - Williams Valley1A - Nativity2019-20206A - Freedom5A - Southern Lehigh4A - Allentown Central Catholic3A - Panther Valley2A -Executive Education Academy1A - Nativity2018-20196A - William Allen5A - Pottsville4A - Bethlehem Catholic3A - Palmerton2A - Executive Education Academy1A - Notre Dame ES2017-20186A - East Stroudsburg South5A - Allentown Central Catholic4A - Bethlehem Catholic3A - Notre Dame GP2A - Moravian1A - Nativity2016-20176A - Pocono Mt West5A - East Stroudsburg North4A - Bethlehem Catholic3A - Notre Dame GP2A - Marian Catholic1A - Lincoln Leadership Academy2015-2016AAAA - ParklandAAA - PottsvilleAA - MinersvilleA - Notre Dame ES2014-2015 AAAA - Parkland AAA - Pottsville AA - Mahanoy Area A - Notre Dame ES 2013-2014AAAA - ParklandAAA - Allentown Central CatholicAA - Notre Dame GPA - Mahanoy2012-2013AAAA - ParklandAAA - Allentown Central CatholicAA - Notre Dame GPA - Mahanoy2011-2012AAAA - Pocono Mountain WestAAA - Allentown Central CatholicAA - Pine GroveA - Pius X2010-2011AAAA - AllenAAA - Allentown Central CatholicAA - SalisburyA - Marian Catholic2009-2010AAAA - LibertyAAA - PottsvilleAA - Notre Dame GPA - Marian Catholic2008-2009 AAAA ParklandAAA Southern LehighAA Notre Dame GPA Williams Valley2007-2008 AAAA LibertyAAA Allentown Central CatholicAA Northern LehighA Williams Valley2006-2007 AAAA EastonAAA Blue MtAA Notre Dame GPA Notre Dame ES2005-2006 AAAA AllenAAA Allentown Central CatholicAA CatasauquaA Notre Dame ES2004-2005 AAAA WhitehallAAA Allentown Central CatholicAA Notre Dame GPA Notre Dame ES2003-2004 AAAA WhitehallAAA Allentown Central CatholicAA Pen ArgylA Pius X2002-2003 AAAA ParklandAAA Blue MtAA Notre Dame GPA Williams Valley2001-2002 AAAA AllenAAA Bethlehem CatholicAA Pine GroveA Weatherly2000-2001 AAAA ParklandAAA Allentown Central CatholicAA MinersvilleA Mahanoy Area1999-2000 AAAA ParklandAAA Allentown Central CatholicAA Williams ValleyA Pius X1998-1999AAAA StroudsburgAAA North Schuylkill AA Mahanoy AreaA Marian1997-1998AAAA Pleasant Valley AAA Bethlehem CatholicAA NorthwesternA Mahanoy Area1996-1997AAAA WhtehallAAA Allentown Central CatholicAA CatasauquaA Schuylkill Haven 1995-1996AAAA StroudsburgAAA Blue MtAA SalisburyA Nativity1994-1995AAAA LibertyAAA Allentown Central CatholicAA Mt CarmelA Marian1993-1994AAAA East StroudsburgAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA Notre Dame GPA Minersville1992-1993AAAA AllenAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA Pine GroveA Schuylkill Haven1991-1992AAAA WhitehallAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA SauconA Schuylkill Haven 1990-1991AAAA WhitehallAAA Blue MtAA Mt CarmelA Mahanoy Area1989-1990AAAA WhitehallAAA PottsvilleAA SalisburyA Schuylkill Haven1988-1989AAAA WhitehallAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA PalmertonA Schuylkill Haven 1987-1988AAAA AllenAAA BangorAA SallisburyA Freeland1986-1987AAAA LibertyAAA LehightonAA CatasauquaA Freeland1985-1986AAAA EmmausAAA Allentown Central Catholic AA Panther ValleyA Weatherly. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph.. Success! Sofascore also allows you to check different information regarding the match, such as: Box score (points and rebounds) TIMES NEWS FILE PHOTO, Time, temperature clock returns to Palmerton, Donerds to offer treats, coffee at second location in Bethlehem, Cosmetology students keeping busy at CCTI, State trooper, Seuss book hits at library, Lansford man charged with hiding explosive in luggage at LVIA, FBI catches wanted person in Lansford raid, Three people killed in 5-vehicle Monroe County crash, Palmerton considers plans to curb vandalism. 2005-2023 CBS Interactive. %H:EE6C o:2>6=:5@J=6k^Am, kAm#25:@i (! . Leroy Boyer, Republican & Herald, Pottsville, Pa. Reports: 3 children dead, 2 wounded in attack at Texas home, Kellyanne Conway, George Conway To Divorce After Decadeslong Marriage: Report, School punished teen girl for working out in sports bra in 100-degree Texas heat, ACLU says, U.S. court won't require FAA to make airplane seat size, spacing rules, 'Extremely dangerous': Spike in illegal crossings at Canada-Vermont border has feds sounding alarm, South Jersey woman sentenced for 2021 crash in Upper Merion that killed firefighter, Here's how Purcell Marian held off Badin for 3rd consecutive regional championship, Brewer and Lawrence win Class 'A" basketball titles, St. Pete insurer plans comeback after divesting from insolvent subsidiary. A trophy will be a awarded to the champion, and medals will be presented to the second-through-sixth place wrestlers in each bracket, and a trophy will be given to the team champion. 1POTTSVILLE Northern Lehigh's defensive plan to stop Marian's offense Wednesday night was to pack things in tight with a 2-3 zone. !p `be_ p|[ `_d]h u|[ ! +:=<6C 2?5 ;F? Arment . Barrons 2020 Blue Raider team reached the championship game at Martz, and he said it was a great experience. :@C 4:E:K6?D 2?5 Sb 7@C DEF56?ED] p== E:4<6ED 2E E96 5@@C H:== 4@DE Se]k^Am, kAm{:G6 FA52E6Di u@==@H DA@CED HC:E6C t=: s@J=6 @? When the Penn State York men's basketball team left the court last Tuesday, it boasted a 25-4 record overall and a 17-2 mark in the Penn State University Athletic Conference. There were even rumors that the small schools had discussed, informally behind closed doors, putting together their own 10-team league inside the cooperative that would include Mahanoy Area, Marian, Minersville, Nativity, Panther Valley, Pine Grove, Schuylkill Haven, Shenandoah Valley, Tri-Valley and Williams Valley. 2022-23. Schuylkill League Boys Basketball Champions. Schuylkill League Boys Basketball 2021-22 . s64] `a :? Or it's blown up in 2026? It makes the regular season more interesting, especially in January. It's hard to put together a schedule under those circumstances that gives those big schools enough district rating points to make the postseason. View pregame, in-game and post-game details from the North Schuylkill (Ashland, PA) vs. Northwestern Lehigh (New Tripoli, PA) non-conference girls basketball game on Wed, 3/1/2023. Leroy Boyer. First- Pick Your Season And Sport: Fall: Winter: Spring: Field Hockey: Football: Golf - Boys: Soccer - Boys: Soccer - Girls: Tennis - Girls It gives them a better chance at being part of great experience. Instead, some harsh words were said, it caused some hard feelings among several schools and set the wheels in motion for the Colonial League to extend invitations to Lehighton and Jim Thorpe in December. In the other sports (soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball), if you win half of your games, you make the district playoffs. Europe pushing for lunar time zone, St. Louis Zoo bear has second brief escape from enclosure, Cold-blooded: Abandoned alligator rescued from Brooklyn lake, Dogs in costumes take over at Rio Carnival street party, Monterey's missing 'Dennis the Menace' statue found in lake. @G6C ! Schuylkill County 1 (Pennsylvania) Basketball Standings. Published February 08. The Palmerton girls and boys basketball teams both saw their unbeaten seasons come to an end last week. Jan. 26MINERSVILLE Minersville closed in on the Schuylkill League Division II title Thursday night. Get real-time scores. Aidan Grace's 3-pointer doesn't have the same effect in a gym at Catasauqua, Lehighton or Bethlehem Freedom that it did at Martz Hall. Jobs; Terms of Service; Privacy Policy; Ad Choices; EEO Public File Report; FCC Online Public Inspection File You have permission to edit this article. This is like the NCAA tournament for high schools. Thus, the rumor mill begins churning. There are 7 games for Philadelphia basketball today. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph.. Do you think tax breaks should be job specific? Sorry, no valid subscriptions were found for this Publication. Schuylkill League. Blue Mountain 9-5 Schuylkill Haven 5-8 Marian 7-5 North Schuylkill 9-5 Williams Valley 2-11 Mahanoy Area 6-7 Panther Valley 6-8 Minersville 1-12 Weatherly 1-11 . 30. | 2A When area teams fail to reach 50 points, the combined mark is 7-53 - a percentage of just .117. Finals scores from Tuesday's Schuylkill League Girls Basketball games. Feb. 15In her new book, "In the Palm of My Hand," Jennifer Raudenbush depicts a world of "infinite possibilities" in simple, poetic language. | 4A I definitely appreciated it more as the years went on.. (65?6D52JD D6>:7:?2=Dk^Am, kAm{2DE =628F6 A=2J@77 2AA62C2?46i a__h[ 56762E65 (:==:2>D '2==6J ca\ad E@ 42AEFC6 492>A:@?D9:Ak^Am, kAm!C@323=6 DE2CE:?8 =:?6FAi sC6H |:==6C WDC][ c]h AA8X[ y24< z6:E6C W;C][ `h]b AA8X[ +2?6 +F=<@HD<: W;C][ `h]_ AA8X[ y24< s62? @A6? PIAA District XI | All Rights Reserved. The first game, TBA vs. Pilgrim Academy (Egg Harbor City, NJ), started at 11:30a. ), ( It's the Hilltoppers' first ever . Sports, Scores, Teams for Pennsylvania High School. | 5A Schuylkill League ; PIAA Links . There are several flaws with that statement. Girls Basketball League Committee Girls Basketball League 2022-23 Schedule & Results Girls Junior High League 2022 Fall Schedule Girls Junior High League 2022-23 Winter Schedule. Please click on the classification on the left to see the current power rankings. Two of the problems with the cooperative, however, are the loss of some long-standing Schuylkill County rivalries from the small-school teams' schedules and the lack of attendance at games pitting a Schuylkill League team vs. a Colonial League team. With a 69-48 victory over Lourdes at the Thomas Fitzpatrick Gymnasium, the Battlin . . Partly cloudy. Im happy that it happened. Schuylkill League Basketball Playoff Scores from Tuesday, February 14th, 2023 Schuylkill League Basketball Quarterfinal Playoff Scores - February 11th, 2023. I feel like it was definitely time for a change, said Crampsie, who is in his 21st year at the helm. Since you viewed this item previously you can read it again. Jim Thorpe is the only Schuylkill League team left in Class 4A now. No upcoming games for the selected sport/season. crash, PHOTOS: Mahanoy Area vs Tri-Valley Basketball 03/03/23, PHOTOS: Minersville vs Schuylkill Haven Basketball 03/03/23, PHOTOS: District 11 Swimming Championships 03/03/23, PHOTOS: Marian v. Northern Lehigh Basketball 03/01/23. Copyright 2018-2022. Schuylkill League Boys' Basketball Champions List, Fatal Butler Twp. Leroy is the sports editor of The Republican-Herald Read More Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. There was a problem saving your notification. The featured games are by Pennsylvania top ranked teams Unionville (Kennett Square, PA) vs. #3 Radnor (PA), and Central Catholic (Pittsburgh, PA) vs. #7 New Castle (PA).

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