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Although student were allowed to go out on their own during our free time, they were asked to go in groups of three or four and were left in pretty safe areas to spend their free time. These Whispers often had glitches or were garbled, making it very hard to understand our guides. This Arizona based company has been organizing dozens of tours for teachers and college professors all across the country for 30 years. During our first night there we had a lovely traditional French meal of chicken with mushroom sauce in the back room of a small picturesque cafe with a ton of ambiance. We were told we would receive a check from Ef Tours in 2 to 4 weeks for approx. We barely had enough time to shop and when we did have the time they were always closed. What is a COVID-19 Future Travel Voucher? However, we had already paid and were still excited to be spending 2 weeks in Europe together. This has happened all over the US and people are not standing down. This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how to get a full refund from EF Tours. This caused problems for a few kids on our trip who werent expecting these costs, and they unfortunately had to miss out on some of the better additions. They want to keep $1000 each child therefore I will loss $2000. EF Tours is definitely a budget tour company, and for the price, you do get a good experience. If you have a consumer problem,please contact our team at Elliott Advocacy through this form. On the rare occasion when this requirement is not fulfilled, participants are given one or more of the following options: 1. Enroll online or call 800-766-2645, EF Go Ahead Tours Make sure to include all relevant information, such as the date of the transaction, the amount of the refund requested, and any evidence you have of your dissatisfaction with EF Tours. If you change your mind, you have 60 days to receive a refund of all money paid (including your deposit! Lunches were not included in the initial price of our trip and were paid out of pocket each day. Their initial flight was cancelled at 645pm and no one from ef tours was available to book overnight rooms so they could make their 6 am flight. During our entire time in London, we were not once served any traditional English food. crank up antenna tower for sale. When Chicago Public Schools canceled all district-sponsored international travel for the upcoming spring break because of the threat of coronavirus, Derek Dattner assumed he would be refunded the. I am not canceling the trip, but yet I am the one. The school is only involved in the process as far as whether they allow teachers to hand out information in schools or not. Did they create a good experience for students who havent done a lot of international traveling? Experts say the paper trail will get you a refund faster. She collected it before we left. It's just all circular and I can't get anywhere. What can a COVID-19 Future Travel Voucher be used for? EF TOURS IS A COMPLETE FRAUD. But he did recommend that our group stop at an Austrian "crystal factory" for "a short 30 minute" visit. We got to listen to an orchestra perform in Piazza della Signoria in Florence. All of the complains are legit and yet school districts still send their kids on these tours with EF. Sometimes this was a good thing, but sometimes it was incredibly frustrating. Only the EF Go Ahead Tours allow alcohol for adult travelers. Our tour consisted of 26 travelers from our high school: three teachers, seven adults and 16 students. All I know to do is make this issue public. "All travelers with trips through April 30 will automatically receive a transferable travel voucher for the full amount paid (including all non-refundable payments) good through September 30,. However, we understand the existing account on file may be inactive, or that you may prefer a check to be sent to you by mail instead. Once youve signed up for your EF Tour, youll be given access to a tour portal on the EF website where you can track your payments and what steps you need take next to participate in the trip. how to get a full refund from ef tours; how to get a full refund from ef tours. I feel like EF tours did not take our interests and feelings into consideration and I feel like this trip was a complete waste of time and money. And, this hotel was a truck stop on the M1. But there were several instances where visits to certain locations were dropped off our itinerary completely, and visits to other non-advertised locations were added. For example, you can shoot an email to an executive of a hotel chain when one of the properties refuses to offer a refund you deserve. If your Group Leader has chosen not to reschedule your original tour/program, you will receive a COVID-19 Future Travel Voucher valued at 100% of monies paid toward your original tour/program. The worst dinners EF provided happened during the first few days of our trip. They make go in circles and have excuse after excuse. Be sure to document all communication with your credit card company so that you can refer back to it if necessary. Our group had a few in person meetings at a local restaurant prior to our trip where we discussed issues ranging from passports to packing for our trip to Europe, and got a chance to meet our fellow travelers. Email Traveler's first name: Traveler's last name: Traveler's account number: Give the company at least a week to respond to your refund request and two credit card billing cycles to pay you. For detailed information about the safety and coverage programs that apply to your tour, please choose your departure date below. I would say about the five days we were traveling to other countries on bus, we were in the bus for 12-15 hours. Here are some of the most effective coronavirus refund tips: Negotiate politely. I am self employed so I had to send a letter stating that my business went under and this had created a hardship. Well, lucky for you we took a 12 day visit to Europe with EF Tours, and have all the details to decide if taking an international trip with this company is right for you or your teenager. She was frequently the last person downstairs at our hotels to meet our bus 15 to 20 minutes after the time she told us to meet her, and did not budget in adequate travel time to most of our destinations. Overall, breakfasts were adequate throughout the trip. Your Group Leader may choose from the following options: Work with EF to modify your group's current tour itinerary and dates, or find a new tour and apply all money paid to the new tour. There is a $95 non-refundable deposit + $300 cancellation fee (totals to around $400). To request a refund, consumers who booked international trips through EF's Educational Tours program should call 800-665-5364 to request a refund. It took me to every floor and A) the offices are gorgeous! Experts say you shouldnt use a credit card dispute unless you have no other choice, which is to say the travel company wont refund your purchase even though its agreed to do so. Having extra free time to see the sites of your choice seemed to be the best option during our tour. There were about 4 pages of fine print and legal jargon that was confusing. While we were aware of this upfront before the tour, it really did feel like they didnt allow enough time in any location to really see the cities we were in. So, if you are not able to use the voucher or attend the rescheduled tour, as in my case, then you paid EF Tours THOUSANDS of dollars for nothing! Students and parents can then sign up directly through the EF Tours website, and submit all payments directly to the company. However, we understand the existing account on file may be inactive, or that you may prefer a check to be sent to you by mail instead. Each meal came with water, but we were allowed to order additional drinks at our own expense if we choose to do so. She had a black eye and blood in her eyeball for the entire trip. We had a fantastic time seeing the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London. EF has the group leader/teacher set up deadlines for signing up to go on the trip, sometimes including small discounts to encourage enrollment. While the room wasnt much to write home about, some members of our group lucked out and got spectacular balconies. All total they are withholding $760. I sent the letter and will contact them again Monday to try and get answers. Whatever happens, we've seen it. That EF 12-Day tour was called "Europe with an Alpine Flavor." Anyone was allowed to sign up for the trip. Trips are usually initially introduced about two years before the travel date so that participants can make smaller monthly payments to cover the cost of the trip. Would I go on another EF Tour? Check out Elliott Advocacy Today, our free, daily newsletter with links to your favorite commentary, tips and news about consumer advocacy. That seems to be the question at hand here. They even bragged later about being the first one's out on the street), the food SUCKED, and the time spent on the buses was more time spent in the actual locations. Get Involved; Contact; Donate! The Global Travel Protection Plus plan provides a refund of the Program Price (minus the cost of the plan and other non-refundable fees) if your child needs to cancel their tour up to 24 hours prior to departure for any reason. It was over $8,300," Hignite said. Spring break trip with the school for my two boys to go to Greece and Italy this year. In most cases, refunds can be issued electronically with the funds being sent directly back to your current account on file. This person is there to direct the group and handle any problems with logistics you may encounter along the way. It will cover topics such as contacting EF Tours directly, filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), disputing the charge with your credit card company, and seeking legal advice. Adults did need to pass a background check in order to participate in the trip, since adult tour participants are traveling with minors. The menu included a plate with 1 chicken drumstick, a handful of french fries, and a wimpy green salad with one tomato slice. Overall, Id say that the hotels provided were quite good, with the exception of Hotel La Pergola. This Tour Director is supposed to handle just about everything on your tour, including all your pre-booked accommodations, meals, excursions, tickets, and transfers. We toured Europe for 12 days, visiting sites in London, Paris, Florence, Rome, Pompeii and Capri, with no more than two nights in any destination. If your Group Leader has rescheduled your original tour/program, the group will be moved automatically onto the new tour/program. There are mice in my vacation rental! posted by: 23rd July 2021; No Comments . It all depended on where we were and what was going on whether or not wed get to select a restaurant on our own or if the group would be directed to eat at somewhere specific, and if wed have lots of great choices or really limited options. By and large, our students respected this request and did not take advantage of the lowered drinking age to go and party it up. I am out of $4,200.00, what is EF Tours out of??? Not by a long shot. Did you purchase trip insurance? Whatever happens, weve seen it. Trips like this EF Tour require students to be pretty mature when it comes to safety. So Hignite and other parents contacted EF Tours, to learn they could get only vouchers, or pay a penalty to cancel. According to their website, EF Tours has been in operation since 1965 and offers trips for students and teachers designed to provide immersive, life-changing education., Basically, EF Tours organizes international trips for students to a wide variety of destinations, promising compelling itineraries full of experiential learning.. These usually include some special activity or visit to an additional landmark. He went as part of a group of senior high school students on a school sponsored trip. $20 million net worth lifestyle appleton post crescent archives how to get a full refund from ef tours 07 jun 2022. how to get a full refund from ef tourshouse joint resolution 192 of 1933 Posted by . We waited for an hour-and-a half for him to return to the motor coach. Although she sent Expedia all of her receipts, the online travel agency refused to refund the unused leg or the new ticket she had to buy. Start by contacting EF Tours directly, then file a complaint with the BBB, dispute the charge with your credit card company, and seek legal advice if necessary. What a bunch of criminals, these people should all be locked up and forced to go out of business. My son didn't create this problem, and it's not his fault. What we didnt expect was the significant amount of wasted time and changes to our itinerary that happened on our tour. how to get a full refund from ef tours. Be nice! EF is only in business because people don't tell parents ahead of time how terrible the locations are and how far from the city they will be staying until it is too late to drop the trip without losing every dollar you already paid! Why is it taking so long to get a cruise refund? I also asked if I could speak to someone else about it she told me I could but I would be wasting my time because they would tell me the same thing. Two straight hours of calling the ef tours emergency hotline and no still no answer. Tour participants may also choose to upgrade the insurance for the tour. Interested students and parents are invited to attend informational meetings either in person or virtually where the group leader/teacher goes over the itinerary and any questions potential participants may have. We were promised experiential learning activities during the trip. For example, while we were driving across Italy, she had our driver stop at a large gas station for a bathroom stop. 110 comments. to a single room. We were encouraged to invite friends and family to join us on the tour, whether or not they were associated with our school or even local to our area. I just hope the tour goes well. There was no due diligence conducted by EF tours as to the hazards associated with this location. The teacher wouldnt return my phone call, or emails. Four boys were also booked in a room in London with only a king sized bed! Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey announced Thursday her office has reached a settlement with EF tours that resulted in more than $1.4 million in additional refunds for nearly 4,200. the unforeseen. When it became apparent on the second night that we werent going to be getting any traditional English food, my daughter and I made arrangements to go get dinner on our own, and pay for it out of pocket. Wheres my airline ticket refund from GotoGate? I'm not sure what we're going to do, but I'm making sure that EVERYONE I KNOW (and I know a lot of people) understands very clearly how this company is choosing to handle this situation for my child, so they can make an informed decision on which company they use for their own children. The tour guide was a London college student who had traveled little, not having been to many of our tour destinations. . On May 1st I lost my job and we immediately contacted Ef Tours to cancel. I struggled to pay for this trip and now after paying for travel insurance also they are denying full refund. While these options are available, the bread and butter of the company is the basic high school student tour which is what we took. She had us walking everywhere (1 1/2 mile from our hotel to the bus stop each day. The front desk attendant seemed more than annoyed anytime someone from our group would approach them, and insisted that we all leave our keys at the front desk when leaving the hotel for dinner that night. Our award-winning daily newsletters keep you posted on our random acts of consumer advocacy. Dinners seemed to improve when we got to France. Four kids to a room was common on our tour. Would I travel with EF Tours again? It has been no surprise that management NEVER called. My first was as a parent going with my 15-year-old along with a group of about 20 kids (from a . Sometimes it was quite obvious where our group was supposed to go, and sometimes it wasnt. please contact our team at Elliott Advocacy through this form. Once we arrived in Rome, the Villa Aurelia was our home base for two nights. EF Tours inflexible, would not accommodate my request. How to get tickets. It was quite nice not to have to worry about any of that. When he asked for these items at the front desk, he was told that we should have called earlier to request them since they were all locked up in a cabinet by the time we arrived at the hotel. By skipping the London Eye, we were able to have a bit more time to explore and plenty of time to enjoy our pub dinner that we mentioned earlier since the London Eye excursion was timed to happen right before dinner. The Return & Refund Policies may vary widely among different types of products and sellers. If you want any other info or even wanted . Why is no one investigating them for fraudulent business practices, deceptive practices, false advertisement, etc, etc, etc?? We would be spending time in three different countries, seeing some of the most beautiful and historic cities in Europe. But when it comes to refunds, they quote rules and policies designed to make it difficult, if not impossible, to get a refund. Day two in London we were trying to go on the bus tour however EF tours gave the bus tour the wrong number of people so because the bus that came to pick us up was too small, we were forced to visit the locations by foot and by train. If it concerns you, definitely mention it to the teacher. Dinners are are pre-arranged with a preset menu by EF at local restaurants. The cancellation was due to a National Emergency not voluntary of the travelers. EF does indicate up front that hotels may have small rooms without air conditioning, television, or elevators, and that WiFi may not always be available. I always like to start my reviews by reminding you that I was not compensated in any way to write this post. All transportation arrangements are made by EF Tours, including flights, buses, trains, etc. how to get a full refund from ef tours. We saw the stunningly beautiful sites of Capri from a private boat tour. They canceled my flight. Also out of all four excursions throughout the trip, THREE OF THEM WERE CANCELLED! EF is keeping $565 dollars needed to cover their overhead and costs to hotels and airlines but students could reschedule. But in the most frustrating example, during our time in Paris a visit to the Frogonard Perfume Museum was added to our itinerary. We did not have enough free time (which we were promised). We also didnt have a way to contact our Tour Guide directly. Vol 1, #2. We had ample notice and knew what to expect. There are usually two or three optional excursions that can be added to any tour. These added stops almost always involved additional costs as well, which we were not informed of before leaving for our trip. This article was published on February 22, 2019. Our dates were finally confirmed about two months before our departure. From that time forward I lead 20 overseas tours to Europe for my college. Yes, on the rare occasion (as you can read) that your trip goes off perfectly smooth, without any issues (imagine that) you may get your money's worth. I was so angry but nothing was done about it. If you do not, allow another business day for your funds to appear in your account. We told to make sure we ate lunch after our tour, before rejoining the group to get on the bus. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising. And pay attention.. . The local tour guides who showed us the sights of each city were the most informative folks on this trip, with extensive knowledge of the history and culture at each stop, but we were forced to use amplifying devices called Whispers in order to hear the guides. I just felt like it should have been planned better. Lost one full day of 8 day tour. Edited: 11 years ago . - Make a personalized map of where you've been and where you want to go. For the first four nights during our stays in London and Paris, we were sent to Hilton Hotels. Frugality is the mental approach we each take when considering our resource allocations. I was super excited to go experience 6 countries however from day one everything seemed to go wrong. Feel free to ask me in the comments!! Worry-free guarantee; If you cancel the booking within 60 days from the reservation date, you are entitled to a full refund. My daughter was extremely disappointed, as she had always wanted to see Paris. 109 to 45 days prior to departure: Full refund less $95 non-refundable deposit, all Non-Refundable fees, and 50% of program price. Consumers who booked domestic trips through the EF Explore America tours program should call 888-333-9756 to request a refund. When I called about a refund for the extension being taken off I was told by customer service "They make the cost even out." Foguth says details matter. So, even the itinerary is a lie! Here's my EFTours experience: 1.I have been on 3 EFTours and have another planned for next summer. My mom is part of a tour departing for a 10 day trip to Europe. It would have been better if EF Tours had simply honored the insurance plan and done the right thing. When Will Hawaiis Safe Travels Program End? My son had a very poor experience with the Grecian Odyssey EF tours. I booked a trip with our homeschool "trip club" to do EF's Great Britain tour with a 2 day extension to Paris. She signed up October 1 and we had to cancel Oct 14 due to conflicts with my work schedule. May 9, 2 Against my better judgement. I have a passion for learning and enjoy explaining complex concepts in a simple way. Half staying for exchange program arrived to our destination early. But their ads sure reflect diversity! Is there any way I can get around it? I can't believe they can demand reasons for dismissal even with all the Hippa Laws. While the teacher recruiting students is designated as your group leader, they dont actually lead the tour once you start traveling. - Get inspired with the latest travel guides, tips, and stories from our team. I hope your child knows that they will be sharing a bed with their roommates even if they are traveling with another school. They book all accommodations and attraction admissions for tour participants. But in Paris, a visit to Montmartre was abandoned, even though our dinner restaurant was within a mile of the historic location. Experts say you can overcome those hurdles by using the right payment method, creating a paper trail, and knowing how to appeal your case. Travel companies love to keep your money, even when theyre not supposed to. Four girls were placed in a room with one queen sized bed and two twin mattresses on the floor in London. We knew going into this tour that our itinerary would be extremely hectic. Our first group dinner in London was at a Korean restaurant where the group was served a hot stone bibimbap with chicken. Usually if you haven't paid in full you could get a cancel for any reason insurance which will give you about 75% back. TSA Tours, of course. And honestly I'm a little sad about canceling, but even trips on groupon are more affordableand a little less PG haha. Whatever you need, well handle it. Were always here to help. lakewood board of education address; hyde park skatepark london; obituaries humphrey, nebraska Menu Toggle. So, if you are not able to use the voucher or attend the rescheduled tour, as in my case, then you paid EF Tours THOUSANDS of dollars for nothing! I've decided that I'm not going to go for financial reasons and feeling that it's too expensive for what I'm getting. If you happen to wander around the Charles River, it is worth of walking toward the Zakim Bridge and stopping by North Point Park. used speakers for sale craigslist; pioneer woman carne guisada; how to get a full refund from ef tours; By . All opinions are my own, and all costs were paid out of our pocket for this experience. Settling with a debit card, a check or even a wire transfer means the money is gone. If you want to make sure you get your travel refund every time, remember to use a credit card, keep every email and be ready to appeal your case. But COVID-19 canceled those plans. The trip was booked for June of 2019. Out of that $550, $95 is the none refundable deposit but come on, the rest if ridiculous, especially when the cancellation request is made OVER A YEAR in advance. If all other attempts to get a full refund from EF Tours fail, it may be time to seek legal advice. Seems a little steep for cancelling a trip that is still almost 2 years away. It is a total scam! We publish the names and emails of customer service managers. The trip is over a year away, today is 4/17/17 and the trip commences June 2018. While on tour, there was only one time that I felt like our group was taken to an unsafe area. I have traveled extensively with Expedia, always buy travel insurance, and am covered for any thing, from war to terrorism, to a pandemic. how to get a full refund from ef tours how to get a full refund from ef tours Also, in the long run, you actually pay the same or more (with all the added fees.) I didn't think sharing was a big deal until I found out that he's expected to share a ben with a complete stranger. I could honestly go on for 10 pages about the terrible food and the fact that you will only be given warm milk, cereal, coffee and last night's rolls for breakfast every day! This was saddening but completely understandable. 824. I feel I paid twice as much as the tour was worth with the lack of amenities and accommodations that were promised by EF as those that were . My kids are going on an EF tour in March. In what universe is this considered acceptable?!?!?!? Echoing a similar suit filed against the operators of EF Tours, the lawsuit argues that WorldStrides has violated its contracts with the plaintiffs by collecting their money while failing to provide the trips for which they pre-paid. She usually did a count to make sure everyone was there when we were ready to leave, but she did leave people behind at least twice during our trip and have to go back and get them.

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