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. Shampu. Mob restaurants As the restaurant world turned, July17 Dining in summer Dining by gaslight Anatomy of a restaurateur: CharlesSarris Womens restaurants Restaurant history day Charge it! They put up a bunch of billboards before they opened. Located in . Shamrock Hotel torn down 5. Gone were the days when people indulged in a nice restaurant dinner only when traveling or celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Houston Grand Opera. Meanwhile old favorites such as steak and baked potato, tossed salad, and cheesecake seemed dull. James Frederick of Humble launches his bait at Lake Houston on 3/05/80 A fisherman casts from a pier on Lake Houston. Save. Houston's independent source of I don't even know how many 'original' stores exist. Almeda Mall saw a spike in popularity in the 1980s. -Kapan's on South Main at Kirby (where the Eckerd's is now), our usual Sunday after church lunch place - good steaks and seafood, and those excellent crab ball appetizers that the guy in the white suit used to bring around to all the tables -Angelo's, another long gone seafood restuarant Only local dining scholars will recognize the names of some of Houston's first eating establishments: Round Tent Saloon, Mansion House, T.J. Prindle's Exchange Restaurant, Perkin's Corner,. How about Three Gables Hamburgers in South Houston/Pasadena? Editors note: Russell Weil reviews hamburgers at his foodie blog, eat-more-burgers.com. (I lived in Fondren Southwest) I used to go to Mr. Gatti's by Braes Bayou (I think).. What I remember of Mr. Gatti's is that they had a big screen and they'd show "The little Rascals" and old newsreels. "From Miami to Seattle and everywhere in between, our crispy-on-the-outside and tender-on-the-inside waffle-cut potatoes were . Bell Beefer. Thats why I still love fried chicken., Food editor Criswell concurred on both of these fried chicken legends. BUD BIGELOW'S STEAKHOUSE This 1980 menu from Bud Bigelow's, featured in Houston Epicure: A Menu Guide to the Better Restaurants, highlights its steak and chop offerings. March 1980- Iranian Demonstration in Downtown Houston. For dessert, have some of Mamas decadent bread pudding. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Pre-1980 STREET SCENE Abilene Texas TX hp2483 at the best online prices at eBay! Back in December, the fast-food chain revealed its most popular menu items of 2021 and waffle fries once again reigned supreme. It was THE place to go. At 9200 South Main Street was Gaidos Seafood, the same establishment that continues to grace Galveston Island. In the 1980s, the Acres Homes neighborhood laid claim to two of Houston's most popular barbecue joints, Burns BBQ and Williams Smokehouse, which closed in 2007 after a fire. Gone were the days when people indulged in a nice restaurant dinner only when traveling or celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Checkers was definitely down in League City years ago. del taco is going strong in the midwest. Buzz reader Randy Jennings wrote, "I miss the Strawberry Patch on Westheimer where Pappas Steakhouse is now. There was a Del Taco on S. Braeswood just west of Hillcroft that opened brand new around 1979. Pizza Hut No. We had some of the best music in the country, and some really rad places to hang out with our friends. it may have been a del taco too later but it was built as Taco Bueno. Over the years many many restaurants have come and gone in out fair city. Illustrated with plaid . For an investment of less than $10,000, the duo would become the founding fathers of Houston and what began as a struggling trading post would in time become the fourth largest city in the nation and a capital of industry. The current Bennigan's are owned by Dallas-based Legendary Restaurant Brands . Make a one-time donation today for as little as $1. NOT SO OLD . It was called Alfreds or something like that. Signing the petition is Melody Grant, who sometimes employs Miss Cook as a sitter, with her 9-month-old son Jason. To leave a comment, please log in or create an account with The Buzz Magazines, Disqus, Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Most of the restaurants are located in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. If you were there, you'll recall some of them. Cirque du Soleil Presents KOOZA under the Big Top, The Riot presents Friday Night Comedy Showcase. Maxim's closed in January 2001. Det. April 1980- A group of Houston residents marched outside City Hall Saturday in an appeal for support and protection of Cambodian refugees who have fled to Thailand. Early vegetarian restaurants Famous in its day:Blancos Blue plate specials Basic fare: clubsandwiches Gossip feeds restaurants Image gallery: businesscards Restaurant row At the sign of the . ft. 1203 Saxony Ln, Nassau Bay, TX 77058 $499,000 MLS# 33949261 Enjoy Waterfront lifestyle in this centrally located townhome in the heart of Clear La. Review. Went there once after a swim meet. E.E. OPEN NOW. Learn how a city eats, and you will learn how it lives. The city's young people stayed busy with singles nights and petition drives, and Houston traffic seems like it was almost as bad as it is. The sidewalks are always busy, but during the lunch hour they fill up with downtown workers. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 16 Kid-Friendly Houston Restaurants That Grown-Ups Wont Hate. Not only did the Cathay House serve the best Chinese pork ribs in town, but it also had an awesome Astrodome rendering displayed on the wall, complete with twinkling lights. See story, Section 5, Page 44. I think it was on Westheimer or Richmond, out west. Mary Lee Donuts still exists, there is one on San Felipe near the Amegy Bank building. Shamrock Hilton The hottest place in town on March 17th. Learn how your comment data is processed. One eventually learned to book a room far in advance. State game warden David Shelton said the shooting of an alligator, an endangered species, is a federal offense. Her famous husband missed the race. 15 Houston Tres Leches Cakes to Add to Your Bucket List, If you buy something or book a reservation from an Eater link, Vox Media may earn a commission. last time i saw one was in beaumont remember Two Pesos? The restaurant, located in an old house with a tree-shaded patio, has also become known for its extensive craft beer menu. Just north of 610 South was Looks Sirloin Inn, owned by Sonny Look. Reading the tealeaves Is ethnic food aslur? The house was moved because of a crumbling foundation. LOL! And in Houston, Mayor Jim McConn, who died in 2019, served as the president of the Houston Bar Association. Box: 6: General menu. Website. Ugh. Between 1851 and 1863 it was owned by William Marsh Rice, the famous financier. We should go back., Local physician Stuart Weil says, My favorite place for fried chicken was Youngbloods on Main Street near Bill Williams. May 1980 - A Houston police officer directs traffic after a collision Wednesday between a police car and van in the 3700 block of the Katy Freeway. Sambo's. There was one in Sharpstown Mall, and one on the corner of W. Belfort and (then) Post Oak (now 610), --Romano Cafeteria (which got taken over by Luby's), --Piccadilly Cafetaria (was that in Northline Mall? Box: 1: Menu book I. . A family stands in front of the grocery store they proudly own. You can post now and register later. Many of the old-school eateries that paved the way for Houstons current restaurant scene are still open today, and serving up some of the best dishes in the city. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I also remember Alfie's Fish & Chips, & H. Salt Fish & Chips. I don't think we ever had a Carl's Jr. but I do remember when I lived in El Paso we got "KTLA" (for free) and I'd watch the Carl Jr. Ads (if its not in your face, it doesn't belong on your sandwich) -I think that was the ad. December 1980 - Ruth Ryan, wife of Astro pitcher Nolan Ryan, en route to a time of 52 minutes, 34 seconds in the women's 6.2-mile race Saturday at Memorial Park. In the early 1980s, millennials didn't even exist yet. You could not even move around Alfreds during Passover, as the lines were out the door due to everyone stocking up for their Seder needs. Houstonians can come out both today and next weekend for more festival sights. 15 Essential Tex-Mex Restaurants In Houston, 22 Iconic Houston Dishes to Try Before You Die. A glimpse through the rare images below will remind you that as with everything in the city, the scene is constantly changing. A Greek Revival house built about 1850 by Ebenezer B. Nichols, a native of Cooperstown, New York. January 1980: Houston's "Luv Ya Blue" Oilers fans turn out in full force at the Astrodome to welcome the team back from Pittsburgh and express their sentiments about the Oilers' 27-13 loss. The Credit Union on Edgebrook was a Taco Bueno. Lunch Tuesdays-Fridays and Sundays; dinner Tuesdays-Sundays.) The Big Easy. 19 verified bookings. (Austin, 1972) We were in awe of the quality of the meat, and how much of it Americans ate. The Katy Prairie begins to be destroyed 8. See our, By submitting your email, you agree to our, 16 Classic Restaurants Every Houstonian Should Visit at Least Once, Sign up for the Gatti's for sure is still around I know in Clear Lake. The cafeteria-style diner offers combo plates featuring oxtails, smothered pork chops, ham hocks, chitterlings, and pig feet; sides of mac and cheese, candied yams, and black eyed peas; and old fashioned tea cakes and banana pudding for dessert. I didn't Know Houston had Steak N Shake, Southern North America, United States, Texas, H-Town, Montrose, Lower Westheimer, Houston (previously Montrose, now Midtown) TX. Alongside dishes like The Gandolf, a cheesy mushroom and avocado sandwich, Hobbit now boasts an impressive menu of burgers, including the Fires of Mount Doom, topped with chorizo, hatch chile queso, sliced serrano and cilantro. Lots of random kissing. September 1980 - Texans found not only welcome rain on Friday but also a deluge that spawned scattered flooding throughout the state and lowered the hot temperatures. From iconic burgers to killer Tex-Mex, these longstanding restaurants have stuck around for a reason. A food elite emerged, composed of frequent restaurant-goers with insatiable hunger for new cuisines and unfamiliar foods. With the opening of the Astrodome in 1965, the South Main corridor was a hub for many legendary dining spots, including Angelos Fishermans Wharf. Oops. Yesterday Once More best I remember it was located in South Houston. Houston had Bo Jangles for a while and they left quickly. The sizes were just perfect., Another resident, Julie Scheinthal, fondly remembers Antonios Flying Pizza on Hillcroft. The Stables Steak House at 7325 S. Main was sold to a investment. --Wyatt's Cafetaria. ALSO Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips. Published on January 4, 2022. I was on another site and someone started a blog on old 70's and 80's bars and lounges around the Detroit area it was pretty cool. Ohio + Tahiti =Kahiki Find of the day: the RedwoodRoom Behind the kitchendoor Before Horn & Hardart: Europeanautomats Distinguished dining awards Restaurant as fun house: Shambargers Dressing for dinner Dining on the border:Tijuana Postscript: beefsteak dinners Three hours forlunch Light-fingered diners Mind your manners: restaurantetiquette Celebrity restaurateurs: PatBoone Diary of an unhappyrestaurateur Basic fare: bread Busboys Greek-American restaurants Roadside attractions: TotosZeppelin 2012, a recap Christmas dinner in a restaurant,again? The Stella Link location was a gourmet food store in the front, with a counter and full-service restaurant in the back. Until then, enjoy making your own dining memories. Houston Festival 1980 opened Saturday and the crowds came. In 1993, the restaurant moved to 77 Harvard Street, after the landlord of the Shepherd location tripled the rent. Other objections were their alleged boyfriend problems and lack of tableside skills such as meat carving and salad making. Just like some stations get WGN, El Paso gets KTLA for free. Onto the auction block go pewter plates, crocks, jugs, and replica muskets, along with a Nacho Cheese Dispenser. Opened a bunch of ice cream places and did a booming business. Are insane ticket costs pricing Astros fans out of Opening Day? Mr. Gatti's is/was all the way down here? Clear editor. (Drexel St.) Houston, TX 77027 713-961-0552 Map Cuisine: Continental Seafood dishes get the royal treatment at Anthony's and even classic comfort foods of meat and potatoes get deliciously dressed up. There was a Del Taco on Edgebrook. Share. Toddle House Truckstops Champagne and roses Soup and spirits at thebar Back to nature: TheEutropheon The Swinger Early chains: Baltimore DairyLunch We burn steaks Girls night out 2013, a recap Holiday greetings from VesuvioCaf The Shircliffe menucollection Books, etc., for restaurant historyenthusiasts Roast beef frenzy B.McD. May, 1980: Century 21 Seattle World's Fair . Head to Lankfords Grocery, open since 1938, for one of Houstons best burgers. For Sale: 3 beds, 2.5 baths 1980 sq. Digesting the MadonnaInn Halloween soup Restaurant-ing with JohnMargolies True confessions Basic fare: pancakes Black waiters in whiterestaurants Catering to airlines What were theythinking? A friend of mine got clobbered. I know it was in a mall, just can't remember which one). There is beer and wine too, plus glass cases full of Texas-sized desserts like pound cake and chocolate icebox pie. Comment below or send a letter to [emailprotected]. yep - it is there, and not easy to access i am sure i saw a krystal burger cup in a parking lot at a kroger heremust have been traveling! All are Houstonians. We won't fault you for getting misty-eyed over these failed fast-food chain restaurants from the 1980s. Traffic Accidents - Houston, Texas. We had a Ruby Tuesdays' on Westheimer (near Toys R US). Do you remember any of these places? I remember the color yellow, there where generally in parking lots, ONLY drive threw and CHECKERS!!! 1981 Social indicators small families, working women, projected long-term increases in real income and leisure, and more single-person households promise growth in restaurant going according to a Bank of America Small Business report. June 1980 - Bat heads by Bert. Police on site. The atmosphere was kind of stale, because I guess people started visiting less but the food was great and the staff very friendly. US $8.48 Second Verse Bar TX Most are from the 1930's-1980's George's Restaurant Houston Condition is as pictured. I think its latest incarnation was a fajita place. Fashion. And if you're in . I. I miss that drive threw only burger place, and they where cheap, but the BEST! Really built up curiosity! You cannot paste images directly. The Fig Pig, pictured, took the former spot for Bryan's 797, at the corner of Fifth Street and Hazel Avenue in Old Town. 5001 Bissonnet, Suite 100 | Bellaire, TX 77401 | Phone: 713.668.4157 | Fax: 713.665.2940. March 1980 - Fishing. Racial discrimination also kept them from waiting jobs in some instances and the limited number of Black-owned restaurants prevented widespread training in kitchen skills and entrepreneurship. groovehouse, It later turned into a Po Folks. I can remember walking up to the counter with my father as he introduced me to his favorite flavor of ice cream, pistachio. In the 1970s, Houston's first French restaurant lost its River Oaks patrons to a new generation of Italian "Rat Pack" restaurants like Tony's. Meghan Overdeep. Nothing fancy, but some of the best recipes from Mrs. J.B. Dowd, who owned the original Green Parrot in Kansas City. (LogOut/ 1860s. Pizza at 25 cents or perhaps falafel at 50 cents, were "reasonable" investments in a blind date. Houston has more restaurants per capita than any other U.S. city. Tea-less tea rooms Carhops in fact andfiction Finds of the day: twotaverns Dining with adisability The history of the restaurant of thefuture The food gap All the salad you caneat Find of the day,almost Famous in its day: TheBakery Training department storewaitresses Chocolate on themenu Restaurant-ing with theKlan Diet plates Christian restaurant-ing Taste of a decade: 1980srestaurants Higbees Silver Grille Bulgarian restaurants Dining with DiamondJim Restaurant wear 2016, a recap Holiday banquets for thenewsies Multitasking eateries Famous in its day: the Blue Parrot TeaRoom A hair in thesoup When presidents eatout Spooky restaurants The mysterious SingingKettle Famous in its day: Aunt FannysCabin Faces on thewall Dining for acause Come as youare The Gables Find of the day: IfflandsHofbrau-Haus Find of the day: Hancock Tavernmenu Cooking with gas Ladies restrooms All you caneat Taste of a decade: 1880srestaurants Anatomy of a corporate restaurantexecutive Surf n turf Odd restaurant buildings: ducks Dining with theGrahamites Deep fried When coffee wasking A fantasy drive-in Farm to table Between courses: masticating withHorace Restaurant-ing with MildredPierce Greeting the NewYear On the 7th day theyfeasted Find of the day: Wayside FoodShop Cooking up Thanksgiving Automation, part II: the disappearingkitchen Dining alone Coppas famous walls Image gallery: insultingwaitresses Famous in its day: Partridges Find of the day: Mrs. Ks Toll HouseTavern Automation, part I: the disappearingserver Find of the day: Moodys Dinercookbook To go Pepper mills Little things: butterpats The dining room light anddark Dining at sea Reservations 100 years ofquotations Restaurant-ing with Soviethumorists Heroism at lunch Caper sauce atTaylors Shared meals High-volume restaurants: Crook & Duff(etc.) The Carillon Center Sherlock's Baker Street Pub still stands, but it seems unlikely that much of today's bro-tastic clientele convenes there to discuss antiques, as the clientele of 1983 was. Find no-nonsense Tex-Mex favorites like sizzling fajitas, crispy tacos, and cheese-oozing enchiladas, and be sure to save room for sopapillas or homemade tres leches cake. Additional photographs and information about the book can be found at www.bellairebook.com. May 28, 2018 - A catalog of restaurants >50 years old either still open or now closed. September 1980- Marie Cheatham, who plays Stephanie on CBS's Search For Tomorrow; pins a corsage on Lynnette Preston of Ross Sterling High School, the recipient of a scholarship named in honor of Miss Cheathama's mother, the late Mrs. Bettye Lou Cheatham. I thought they had the best fried chicken and fried shrimp in town. In Seattle, Colonial-themed Mad Anthonys executes a style and cuisine turnabout, replacing a beefy Steak & Kidney Pye-style menu with seafood. Please enter a valid email and try again. Do we still have Mary Lee Donuts? Attached are photos when my brother visited some years ago Ithink in 2007and him with my father in front of Cardet's Cafe in the 70's. Several from long ago in my childhood when we used to come to Houston to see my grandparents: -Kapan's on South Main at Kirby (where the Eckerd's is now), our usual Sunday after church lunch place - good steaks and seafood, and those excellent crab ball appetizers that the guy in the white suit used to bring around to all the tables, -Angelo's, another long gone seafood restuarant, -The Strawberry Patch on Westheimer, the Pappas family's country/home cooking concept (Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is there now), -Tokyo Gardens, the first place I ever had Japanese.

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